Hello everyone! Today's article is all about how to take care of yourself and to feel fresh and nice. We all need a time for us to just chill and take care of yourself and to relax after a long day! Here are some tips to make your self care days perfect!

Tips On Self Care Days

1. Take a shower or bath

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  • Showering or taking a nice calming bath will really relax you and get you in the mood for some chill time. It eases headaches and stress

2. When You wake up take 5 mins to stress/meditate or even in the middle of the day

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  • Taking time to meditate and relax is really important because it calms you immensely and it helps you to recover from the day's work and going here and there. Peace of mind

3. Skincare

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  • Skincare is really, really important because you want to glow! Go to a dermatologist and find out the products that work well with your skin and body. Create a routine and make sue that you follow it

4. Listen to relaxing music

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  • Listening to relaxing music or your favorite songs is very fun and relaxing, I recommend making a playlist and/or getting Spotify

5. Read

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  • Reading is a very fun hobby and it really relaxes you! If you don't like reading or just aren't a person that reads then still go out of your comfort zone because if you don't like reading it's probably because you haven't found a book that you like yet

6. Netflix Away

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  • Watching Netflix is really relaxing and we ALL know it, just don't overdo it. Watch 1 or 2 episodes and then go on to do something else.

7. Sleep

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  • Sleeping at least 8 hours a night is necessary, it helps you to have a good day and be energetic so that you can finish all your work and have fun! And we all love sleeping so make sure you get enough sleep

8. Clean your room

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  • Clean your room and just get it done with! After doing it you will feel amazing!

9. Burn your fav candle

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  • Honestly burning candles is one of my fav things to do, it lightens up the atmosphere and makes the place smell real good!

10. Work Out!

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  • Working out can become really fun if you do things you like, try different things like swimming, hiking, running, yoga etc. Make working out fun and you will always want to do it!

And.... that's it thanks for reading my article baiii