Hello every one! I'd like to share my personal Netflix experience.

I'm addicted to this show on Netflix called Suits. I'm sure many of you must have already been through the whole thing, but I'm just half way there as I recently started.

I've got a few streaming tips to tell you, that would enhance your Netflix experience. Hint: PureVPN

1. Fast Streaming:
PureVPN configured to your device enables you to solve the ISP Throttling issue. This is where you get variation in streaming speed resulting in bad Netflix experience.

2. Unlimited Bandwidth:
I personally hated that "reached your limit" notification but, with PureVPN you're pampered a lot so this might get addictive for you.

3. Dedicated Netflix Servers:
PureVPN extensions have dedicated Netflix related servers that are optimized on providing you an enriched Netflix experience.

4. Customer Service:
This is one of the best things to have around in the case of emergency. Similarly PureVPN has it too. Here to help you day and night to binge on your favourite shows.

5. Pocket Friendly:
Why I chose PureVPN? Simply like another person would, by weighting out the pros and cons of the service. The amount of services they offer are far too many in comparison for the price charged, I don't see the reason why someone wouldn't go for it.

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