Cause all the ladies and girls are capable of doing a lot..which is considered to be more than just the household see,we have accomplished literally everything just name it.from lady pilots to actresses and singers and even in the army!whats a queen without a king?historically speaking,more powerful!!
Many of us may have been through some u know guy trouble..broken hearts and everything but my girls, we are the best creation of God and the whole damn world depends on us!just think about it for once.cuz we are queens and we don’t need kings to help us reach success.we’ll manage ourselves.No human in the whole wide world can abuse long as we love ourselves and work hard for our aspirations and dreams.
We must be the change that we want to see in this world...Girls, I believe that we can do not let anyone decide what you are to do with your is your own life not your friend’s not even your parent’s buckle up cuz the ride has begun..
I’m extremely sorry i guess this article got too lengthy but I know I have dreams which are taller than me and these dreams help me in having a gr8er mindset..I promise that if u start believing in urself even sucking all of the water out of the Arabian Sea ain’t gonna be hard.
I live in a country where men dominate us girls/women in some cases but the rest..gawddd our girls have made everything possible,they got inspired from the girl of other countries like I get mine from Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard..we have amazing personalities..we don’t need guys to help us find our true lies within..and if any of u need a friend..text me!!
Thanks for reading my rubbish,