DAY 1 - List 20 random facts about yourself.

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.1 I am small.

.2 I like being small.
Except when I am at a concert. Then, I'd like to be tall.

.3 I am, by default, cute because I am small.

.4 I also have a baby face.

.5 I don't think I'm actually cute though. People just tell me I am. I'm not sure if I want to be.

.6 I like animals. A lot. Sometimes I think I am in this world to save animals. But then I got lost when I started working with children instead.

.7 I work with children. On the weekdays and on the weekends.
I love it.

.8 I like to write.
I should do it more often.

.9 I like to make art. Drawing and painting in particular. I realized something was wrong when people knew me for loving animals but not for my art. I grew up making art. Why don't I do it anymore?
I should do it more often too.

.10 I realize that as you grow up, it's easy to lose sight of your innermost passions. You're bombarded with responsibilities and expectations and you're left feeling numb. That's okay, isn't it? Realizing is the first step to reviving.

.11 I have questions. Sometimes I can put them into words; other times, they float with the clouds above me.
For example, if your passion is just something you love but it doesn't help anyone in particular, is it really worth reviving?
(I guess it helps you.)

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.12 I like to walk in neighbourhoods. Whether it's discovering what I haven't noticed before or entirely new land, there is always some place to explore.

.12.5 I like to take the small streets instead of the big ones, as long as I feel safe. It's nice to do that when I travel, too (don't tell my parents). The peace and quiet makes me feel more attached to the place. Like there's a secret only the street and I know.

.13 I like to listen and look out for birds. I started to notice them when I took an ornithology course in university. I wish more people appreciated birds as much as I do. They're there when you look and listen for them. Try it next time.

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.14 It was pie day when I started writing this article. I like pie, especially with ice cream. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream. I like waffles and cookies and cake, too. Basically any baked goods. I have a sweet tooth.

.15 I like to DANCE! I can't believe this didn't make it until number fifteen. I move my body in quirky ways and at random times. I can't help it when I'm in a good mood. It's an implication of my mental state.. or just a time-filler. I don't think about it before hand; my body just moves when it moves.

.16 I am a child of God (number one disguised as number sixteen!). God has transformed me over the years to become a kinder person who can forgive, without realizing I have. He answers my prayers more often than I can wish for. The Holy Spirit lives in me and is a part of me. I am a child of God.

.17 I like to listen to indie pop, R&B, and urban hip hop mostly. I also like any music that makes me dance such as pop or EDM remixes. I am energized by music.

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.18 I love the water. Sometimes, I think I am a fish in the sea. One time, I was the only one in the pool; I felt like the only one in the world.

.19 My favourite time of day is dawn and dusk. The air is so crisp and the chill reminds me I am alive. On Saturday mornings when I was little and the first one up, I used to open the mail slot just to breathe in the early morning air. I will always remember peeking through that tiny rectangle.

.20 I like to read. My mom and aunt used to take us to the Dunbar library to look at books. My mom also encouraged me to buy books, not that I bought a lot. I like to think that for these reasons, I still love and read books today.

.21 BONUS! I just thought how annoying it would be if I made my number list "dot number" instead of "number dot."

My internal battery was definitely running low near the end as it is now 12:50am. I felt like I had run out of things to say yet I had a million more things to say.

I guess we'll leave it here for now. Until next time,


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- Tiffany