hey, beauuuuutiful! welcome back to another one of my cheeSy articles!

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so the thing is that i said i'd make a part two about this in 1-2 days, and i said that like...3 weeks ago?? bahhaha i'm sorry, i actually feel bad. but thanks for being patient, guys! i just had to get caught up on school work because i'm a procrastinator tbh.

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and alsoo thank you sooooo much for your support on my 'how to be happy pt. 1' article! i wasn't expecting so much positive messages and that much support, so i just wanna say thank you for that, i love you!!1!💗

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i hope you're having a great day. and if not i hope this will make you at least a little bit better. :)

ok, jump into this article.
1. say positive things to yourself
- i want you to do this every time you look at yourself in a mirror. just look at yourself and say something positive like for example, "i have beautiful brown eyes." that's it, simple. even if you really dislike your appearance you should still try it.✨ just lie to yourself until it becomes true 💕

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2. surround yourself with people that make you feel happy
- your life would be so much better if you surrounded yourself with people that have some similar interests with you, or who you're comfortable with. if not, then you should go meet new people. 🤷💘

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3. do things that make you happy
- who cares if suzzy and jill are making asmr videos, don't worry about them. if that doesn't interest you then do something that YOU enjoy doing.🌞 like if you enjoy art, swimmg, acting, photograpghy, whatever it is just do it.

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4. take risks
- in other words, don't be afraid to try new things. it may be risky at first, but life is all about takings risks and you'll feel much better once you've tried it. 😅💪

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5. just say no
- it's 100% OK to say no, don't say 'maybe' just say no.

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6. leave the drama
- "yOu CaNt JuSt WaLk AwAy FrOm YoUr PrObLeMs!" yes. yes you can, and it's mainly best if you did anyways. like just walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes, there's no need to explain or make sense of it. it's your life, do what makes you happy. 👋

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7. make eye contact and nod
- this may sound odd to make you happy but while having a conversation, giving eye contact has a powerful effect on our behavior 👀it's a sign of confidence, respect, and social communication🧡 same with nodding, nodding makes the person feel like you're paying attention to them. so these signs would make people would feel closer to you, and would most likely trust you more. 🤞

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8. speak up
- whatever's bothering you say it. yes, it's not that simple. it takes courage, so muster that courage and get out there. you deserve to be listened to, just like everybody else. 💬

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9. get around 8 - 10 hours of sleep & eat breakfast
- getting good sleep & eating breakfast will both boost your mood. if you get good sleep it can: benefit your heart, weight, brain, better memory, less stress, and etc.💤 and eating breakfast would make you have more energy, and do better in school. you could eat anything for your breakfast🍌 like you don't have to go all out making eggs and bacon, you could literally grab an orange and walk out, and still feel good. (that's what i do, haha).

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- lmao, this should've been rule number 1 in the first place, oops. but yah just don't be afraid to be yourself. people should like you for you. 💋

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alright, well i hope y'all enoyed this article as much as i did making it! and i hope this made you at least smile! :) if not, then idk what will (jkjk ily).

i might continue onto part three and keep going up to, who knows what number. and i'm also planning on posting once a week because it's easier that way and so yah. idk what else to say so, ty for reading this byeee!

- grace

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