CBL create these wonderful sounds that seem to come from another time and place. The feeling I get from it is the same as when I was a child and started watching sci fi. I can get lost in amazing stories and worlds in this music. I think this is their best release since World of Sleepers.I was listening to this the other night on my birthday,what a treat . Just chilling with champagne and taking in the ambience of this beautiful music.I love how Equilibrium is giving me that "World of Sleepers" vibe, particularly Erratic Patterns.I cannot pinpoint how; it's just those frequencies man. I love it!Pure bliss, pure dope, pure love, pure energy etc. is what CBL makes me feel and live. Sometimes words are not enough to describe those feelings, just connect with these guys and go with the flow..7/24. Many thanks for this masterpiece CBL, excellent job!Okay... to voice that keeps saying "they were friendly creatures, not at all lethal" in "Nattvasen"... the fact that you have to keep saying that makes me have some pretty damn dubious suspicions. I'd totally wager that these creatures are actually quite douchey, and deadly to boot."