I love it when I am just sitting here and I get a notification from Muse such as this... I haven't been this surprised since Dreamtime Physics. Just wanted to say thank you kind one! Very much appreciated.Maybe this will grow on me. I don't know, all I can hear are a few soundscapes and simple melodies in chord progressions. Damn high quality, for sure, but predictable. It's like CBL forgot they weren't supposed to make another space video game soundtrack. Hydroponic Garden and World of Sleepers were their absolute best albums with spine-chilling atmospheres and hauntingly beautiful melodies. I know it happens to everyone, maybe the muses only help new artists at their startup. For example, when it begins with Accede, I would be ashamed to start with such a simple leading melody, while the rest of the track is a glorified background. That melody sounds like a beginner's attempt in Ableton.What a cool gift :-))) I`ve been through very hard times the last two days. Had to solve a lot of trouble and problems and made it. So I`m in a happy mood right now and I feel a great relief that everything went well and then I checked out you tube, found this, it is actually NEW whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........and that is the PERFECT climax of the actual moment for me. Thanks!!!
Thanks Carbon Based Lifeforms for creating and sharing this and thanks of course to our beloved Muse who always shares the best stuff haha. Thank you universe, god...and so on