Dear myself, you are doing awesome, I know you are doing extraordinary

How would you now ?my spirit!!

I see it. Don't your depends at whatever point u accomplish something great you including my magnificence.

Better believe it, I see that however now and then individuals that I cherish dont see.

Myself, nobody in this world need to see you like that..

What you mean my spirit

That is to say, it's sufficient me and allah. Aren't we your adoration

Indeed you are ,however soul, in any event they give me a decent respond to influence me to feel I accomplished something great.

Myself , do you put stock in me..


At that point myself no requirement for them. You hear to live to indicate me and allah u made it..

Be that as it may, why when I accomplish something awful they begin grumbling and saying this and this.

Do I and allah whine when you accomplish something incorrectly


Since you are gaining from your slip-ups.

What you mean my spirit

I imply that in this life the genuine is me and allah.. Who u should think about and cherish. What's more, trust. Try not to stress in the event that they didn't respond and don't stress on the off chance that they whine. Stress if allah and me don't perceive what u doing.. In last when you accomplish something great, allah and me is seeing you and when you complete an oversight, me and allah saw that u are learning.. Disregard them and look who u have..

My spirit you are stunning.

Myself you made me like that..

Hahaha gracious better believe it!!!