should i be hopeful?
What good does believing do?
What happens when your positive?
Will i be satisfied if i love myself?
Is there a reason for everything?

All my life all I've ever learned that hope only ever leads to disappointment so i set my standards low and never wish for anything because believing in people is a waste of time, believing that things will change or you will change is pointless. And i couldn't possibly love myself because each day i find a new flaw and when i do love myself other people point out my flaws. being positive doesn't help you nor does believing in your self, luck does. and i don't understand why people say everything happens for a reason because it doesn't we live every day doing whatever just for the sake of it we aren't legendary we are human we don't make an impact on life we wont have a legacy in centuries to come all of the worlds greatest people will be forgotten heck maybe even god. so yeah maybe you'll hit the jackpot and become what you've always wanted or maybe you'll end up like your parents like you've always dreaded.
and you'll probably never fall in love because your not good enough or maybe you'll meet someone and be so deeply in love and they cheat on you after 10 years of marriage.

i'm scared of time, i'm scared of love, i'm scared of myself .


hello, so this is my first article sorta depressing but my point is i imagine a lot of people think these things and i want people don't understand that they aren't the only one who thinks these things from time to time and that's okay because your not the only one.