1. Don´t stress over things you can´t control

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Sometimes life has bad moments. Accept the fact that, most of the time, you can´t to do anything about it. Just let go.

2. Don´t suffer for things that haven´t happened yet

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"What if´s" aren´t concrete. If you aren´t sure about something that hasn´t happened yet, don´t worry about it. When it does, you will find a solution.

3. Make your words valuable

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Words have power. Make sure that you will only say what´s necessary, and keep your promises. MEAN what you say and only say you will do something if you are really willing to do it.

4. Don´t let toxic people around you

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People that make you feel bad about yourself don´t deserve your attention. Have a kind heart and only accept kind-hearted people to be around you.

5. Respect your feelings

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No one is happy all the time. Sometimes you will be sad about something. Just take your time and allow yourself to feel. If you feel bad about it, just think about how the sky and the weather are Always changing. If nature changes all the time, why can´t you?

6. Value character over beauty

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Is always what matters the most. If you are able to accept how other people look, you will accept your own flaws more. Being kind to others will help you to be nicer to yourself.

7. Put yourself first

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Be by your own side. Always.