light, bedroom, and room image bed, bedroom, and home image aesthetic, coffee, and indie image bedroom, home, and room image
1. I dream of relaxing and listening to music in this area 2. the white bedroom aesthetic always seems to appear as my go to 3. these lights (the cloud and fairy lights) would be so pretty in the dark 4. soft sunlight, a bed, and think about being with the one you love. it sounds so nice, right?
water and tumblr image bath, cozy, and escape image flowers, water, and nature image girl, bath, and relax image
5. being around water and running m hands through it is such a nice feeling 6. a warm bath would be nice but it's midnight and I don't live alone 7. the flowers make this seem so calming not to mention the light rain(which I love so much) 8. a!!! bath!!! is!!! so!!! soothing!!! & the view!!
snow, nature, and light image rose, anime, and flower image adventure, snow, and summer image wolf, animal, and snow image
9. this looks so cool to walk around in? 10. this is so cute and I love roses and being around them 11. I want to go for a long walk in a snowy forest I mean, look how gorgeous! 12. this isn't really a place I'd want to be in but with things I want to be with... if that makes sense?

*anyways this is just 12 places I'd like to be in rather than be in bed at midnight