A garden full of small daisies managed to give me a beautiful and at the same time nostalgic feeling, while I felt the heat of the sun hit gently against my skin, I could remember some of the times in which I had played to remove petal by petal of these same flowers many years ago. Well, I was a little girl in love, I could always easily get caught in the eyes of some guy, with his way of expressing himself or simply with his way of walking.

I remembered that first love, if it can be said that way, I was a close friend of my brother, I could compare my nervousness and fascination towards him as Sakura Kinomoto with Yukito, my cheeks flushed and my clumsiness when walking showed that I was an innocent girl with a strong attraction for an impossible man, who only saw me as a little sister. But what? That's what love was about, at least at that moment for me.

My mother used to scold me when I saw little blast petals scattered all over the corridor, but I always jumped from one side to the other saying "Do you want me or do not love me?" Trying to guess what fate would bring me It was something really beautiful, innocent, without any hidden intention, it just let my heart beat strong and nervous laughter be heard in my room every time I thought about it.

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Currently the same thing happens to me, well, almost the same. I can not say it's as simple as it was back then, but it's certainly even more exciting. The boy who has stolen my heart, I met him by some beautiful coincidence, I did not think I was the type of him although far from lying, he was "all my line"; High, with a voice that captivated me when I heard him sing, a contagious smile, a deep look and an unmistakable scent. For that and more, I knew I was out of reach, a little rebellious, misguided and misaligned was how I looked at that moment but still I risked giving everything for the whole Why did I have to be like the others? I used my own charms and let time do its thing.

Today I can say that that last daisy to which I entrusted my destiny, did not lie to me, that last petal pointed out that the man with whom I am happy, loved me and more than I could imagine myself.