hii beauty, how are you doing? i hope you all are doing great. so… i am about to start my first year of university and i am so excited because last year i have discovered some new hacks about study and it was a really success so as i'm about to start university i remember those hacks i wanted to share with you guys, so let's get started.

➪ memorizing stuff

this might sound weird but if you want to memorize something really fast you can eat a really weird gum (a flavor that you have NEVER tried before) while reading a paper that you need to learn and at the time of the exam eat the same flavor gum and you will remember everything that you read while eating that gum.
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another memorizing hack that i have tried and works amazingly it's the next one: whenever i have to memorize something that the next day i have to talk about it in class i always read it and try to practice but when i feel like i can't anymore and i need to sleep but i haven't finished yet i do not worry. i read it a few more times before sleep (don't go to your phone later DON'T, the last information on your brain before going to bed has to be the one you read it) and then the next morning is everything on my head, trust me it works really really good.
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FLASH CARDS ARE EVERYTHING. i use them if i want to know the meaning of a word or a process or anything to be honest. for example, if i have to study history and i don't know some words or people, i write the word/name on the flash card and on the other side of it, i put the meaning and that's it. then when i study, first i read the word/name and if i don't remember i check the other side and practice until i know everything.
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➪ paying attention on class

this sounds really simple and effective. turn off your phone and tell a friend to keep it for you and sit down really far from this friend. trust me, you won't be able to stand up to get your phone back because will be embarrassing.
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➪ trustful websites

if you need to find information, don't use wikipedia or a page that everyone can change the info. use this https://scholar.google.com you are welcome.

➪ use post-it and color pens

i don't know about you, but i really like to use a different color on a different topic on a subject. for example if i am studying science, i use green for anatomy, blue for neurology and pink for bones so i can easily remember at the test.
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also, use post its! believe or not, post its have helped me a lot. for example, if i am reading a paper while the teacher is talking i can stick a post it on the paper and write JUST IMPORTANT ideas of what my teacher is saying so it's an additional on the topic.
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➪ be organized

study hard but also be organized. clean your desk after doing everything so the next day you can find a really cute place to study and be motivated by that. i believe doing structured summaries helps a lot because motivates you to study.
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➪ get motivated

is nice to read some quotes so you can feel motivated to do the best of you.
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➪ teach/explain to another person what you've learnt.

this is the best way to practice something because you are explaining to someone in your own words and also helping them to understand lol. also if you make a mistake they can correct you or you can correct yourself.

➪ don't stress and panic.

please, do not stress. it's not the end of the world. stressing yourself you do nothing, just chill out for a moment and then continue studying.
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➪ take breaks.

if you have studied for an hour, at least do whatever you want for 15 minutes. you deserve them.
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➪ finally, practice practice practice

❛ the more you practice, the master you get. ❜ don't know who said that, but he was a genius. that is so TRUE my dear. don't just stand there saying "i know the topic, i think that's it". DON'T. PRACTICE UNTIL YOU FEEL FULL OF KNOWLEDGE. of course i don't mean this to practice in just one night. practice constantly, during a week or since day one until you have the test.
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well i think this was for today's article! i hope this was helpful.

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