Hello people!, today I want to talk about fashion, why? because I love fashion and you too. Enjoy!


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https Denim is now a classic, I really like it


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The skirts are something new to me, before I felt a bit insecure using them but now I love them and tried to use them always.


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With the transparencies something strange happens to me because I like them in other people but in me, I don't know yet.


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The pastel colors are everything, I love it.


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They are very very popular this days.


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My first impression of this was, my mom use that! but is cool and I like it.


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I looooove this! so X-GIRL


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For this, you just have to dare to use them.


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I think this is in my top 3, you can use it on any occasion, a dinner or go shopping and we all have one!.

Well this is all for today, I did this listening Disney songs, I really hope you like it.
Thanks for reading me.