i decided to make my first article on here a writing challenge since i love to write so here's day one!

30 day writing challenge by: @themermaidwriter

one: "explain the meaning of your name"

the meaning of the name "amiya" is delight, and it has an Indian origin. i love the fact that my name means delight because, despite my constant internal struggle with depression and various out mental health issues, i try to always be a delight in other people's lives and i try to spread happiness everywhere. i wish i had more to say about it but it's such an uncommon name it's hard to find almost any information on it.

my middle name "jo" means gracious. i got my middle name from my grandma who's name is jo ellen. my grandma and i share a close bond that i could not have with anyone else so having her name as my middle name is a special thing for me.

i wanted to use both my first and last name because i love them both and i believe they are both unique!

-love, amiya