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What is the thing you most wish you were great at?

  • W R I T I N G

Have been saying this before, that I was on the edge of giving up with writing, until I read some really unique and amazing books, then I start to make some story on twitter/social media. I wish when in High school, I’m not giving up with this just because I was failed on some writing contest. At that time, I was thought maybe my writing is really worse and not good anymore. I supposed to be taking this for my motivation, take more practice, and learning from failure or mistakes so I can be a better writer than before. I should embrace my weakness than just giving up. There’s so many great writer out there and maybe someday I would be one of them if I never stop learning and try for any chances. Even though my writing was not good than anyone else, its okay.

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Not winning one something doesn’t mean that my writing is bad. If my story not being successful than others, its okay too. At least I tried my best and maybe there was someone who love my artwork and really appreciate that, just because I don’t know about it, I just give up. There was so many good option to be better, why choose to being pathetic and giving up. I really wish that I was great at writing skills, so maybe now I’m not suffering on words, and had writing blocks for very long times. Maybe if I’m not giving up too, I already have a good book that's bring people enjoy and happy to read it, like books that I read from my favorite authors.

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  • O R G A N I Z E D

I’m literally a messy person and hard to organize things. Also I really poor long-term planner so this is was one of my weakness. Because I’m studying in Health Faculty so I should be person who organized at work or on study. Actually, I’m not saying that I want to change to be person who love tidy up or organizing something, but I would want to be more little bit organized than before. So I'm not getting overwhelmed on study, less procrastination and lazy in life now. Because if you always procrastinator things, it's really not good for yourself and your life. It cause a lot of stress, can bring you down, and being not happy. That's why I wish I was great at organizing things.

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