Hello again to my NOW 33 followers :) You guys are going crazy for my writing and honestly thank you so much. There's been some accidents lately and I've just been feeling shit, so instead of a poem today's writing is going to be some things that just help me see the good in life, and reassure me that everything's going to be okay.

Seeing The World

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I've always had this image, whether it's in my dream, or when I'm crying. I see myself just finished hiking a mountain, cliff, hill. Something. And when I get to the top, I see the sunrise and I'm crying tears of joy because I'm just so happy, peaceful and content with myself. I'm just waiting for that day to come.

Meeting New People

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God. I can't wait to go and meet new people. I love my friend and all, but I'm still dreaming of the day when I connect with random people in little cafe's and who knows? Maybe I'll meet my soulmate.

Being Independant

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I'm an introvert more than anything else. Being alone is calming to me. No one to impress, no one judges you. Like I said, I love my friends, but nothing will ever beat the relaxing feeling of silence.


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Who else has a touch of baby fever? Just thinking about the day I wake up with my husband and my child puts a smile on my face. To feel that loved, and to not have to worry about who to impress, knowing that they will love me unconditionally.

So that's it. It's late, and I want to get to bed. Too much has happened today and I just need to relax. Everything will end up okay. Everything will end up okay. Everything will end up okay...