thanks for all the love that i got on my first article, it really made my day 💗

my name: samantha 💫

s - seoul

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did two grids because i just love seoul so much and i would just love to visit seoul during my next vacation. i love kpop and i really admire how modern seoul is and its just very aesthetic.

a - amsterdam

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after watching the fault in our stars, i've always dreamed of going there ever since. i don't know much about amsterdam but i'd love to learn more, and the "vibe" of it seems like something i would really enjoy.

m- melbourne

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i wish there were more pics of melbourne on here since it seems like a very diverse and beautiful city and i'm hoping to go there one day since i have family there, along with other places in australia.

a - athens

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i've learned a ton about ancient athens in history class and i would love to go there and compare ancient athens and modern athens. the architecture there would also be very different and unique and it'd be cool to visit temples that i've learned about.

n - new york city

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i've been here many times but i was pretty young all the times i went there, so i would love to visit there again since its been 5 years and it was like my second home (along with ny as a whole). i have a different perspective and i'm a lot older now so i feel like i would enjoy it more.

t - tokyo

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stayed there for a week from december 28 to january 5, and let me just say that that was one of the best weeks of my life. its even better than i imagined it would be and i would love to go back there.

h - honolulu

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going to honolulu or anywhere in hawaii would just be very relaxing and i could jus imagine going to beaches and trying different tropical drinks; just seems like paradise.

a - abu dhabi

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i've seen a ton of people put this in their articles and tbh i didn't know about this abu dhabi until i looked it up, and i'm absolutely in love with the architecture there and it seems beautiful.