What is love?

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Honestly i don't know a sh*t about it.
I hear love songs.
I read love books.
I see love movies.
But i've never felt it , maybe i'm too shy.
To know someone.
I like boys i'm pretty sure.
But if i like a girl sometime , my family would accept it, i think so.
I like a guy, he's funny and intelligent.
I like that.
I'm pretty sure he dont feel the same about me.
That's cool.
Not really.
The last time we talk , i ignored him for someone else.
So stupid, i know
I love talk to him.
I love his laugh.
He is clumsy and nervous.
Really nervous.
I dont like that.
He walk way too fast, almost like running.
Maybe he's escaping from something or someone .
I hate that.
I walk slow,cause i like see things around me.
His birthday is the last days of april.
He have pretty brown eyes.
And Did I already talk about his smile?
Cause is wow.
People say that i am serious.
But with him i'm always smiling .
I never wonder if my teeths are dirty.
I just smile.
I don't if that is love or maybe is caprice.
I think is the second one.
However i know that i like him.
Cause he's kind and simple.

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This is something that i wrote, i hope you like it.
Thanks for read.

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Love , Val.