Social networks are a powerful tool, quite useful but in the wrong hands they are a curse.

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I met on Instagram a man ten years older than me. It started like any talk: where you are from, what is your name, how old are you. After three months he began to treat me different, naturally I responded in the same way because I liked him, I mean, he was older, with experience, with a profession. He had knowledge and knew about things I have no idea and I thought he could teach me. He used to tell me that he would come to where I was because he wanted to meet me and be with me and I was excited and he repeated it many times and I believed him, those words never came true because some time later he had a girlfriend and he stopped talking to me. I feel used by him in the way he manipulated my feelings. He didn’t break my heart but I felt kinda betrayed because I trusted his words.

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I was too innocent and a little stupid to feel "in love" in such a short time, although it’s clear that nobody gets excited alone. Anyway, I'm not going to speak bad of someone who in his time made me feel good.

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The point is, if you are like me, and you get hooked or attached easily, don’t believe only in words, trust actions and looks, caresses and tones of voice. This experience gives me a great lesson and although it’s not the great anecdote I think it can help me to be more cautious next time. I want to promise that for myself 😉💕

Thanks to that now I know what I don't want someone to do to me 🤗