Well let's say I'm that girl how prefers to stay silent and listen how everyone is getting along but at the same time I'm thinking they are thinking I am a weirdo for not talking.

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I'm in a high school who promotes that all the students should be leaders and start something when nobody wants to.

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But I'm a shy girl, I can't express how I feel easily. In freshman year, I had almost something with a popular guy and I don't know how, I finished it because a friend we both had in common told me that my guy was telling his friends we did it in the auditorium and like common I'm not like that. So I only told him it was over and he didn't bother in trying to explain himself and now, my friend is friend of him and he was telling her that it was a lie, that the friend who told me that was in love with me and he was trying to separate us and now it is so confusing to understand that. But anyways that is past, I don't like him anymore, he likes another girl and I don't care

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But he also told my friend what he didn't like of me was that I wouldn't express if I liked him or not, like he was always hugging me and holding my hand and telling me pretty things and sometimes I was so serious but I can't help it, I don't know why because with my friends I am not like that

I am making progress with my crush and I hope if it goes right and we end up being something, that I would express him how much I love him because like I know I do but I want him to know and I don't know how.