Hello again, people!

Day three. It is unbelievable, I actually remembered about this challenge and I keep going. If I finish this one, then I'll be unstoppable.

I know you don't want to read all that nonsense, so let's move on to the day's topic.

Day 3. "Write about two memories."

I don't know if this is normal, but I realized that my brain likes to keep the bad memories around, and tends to bury the good ones deep. I intend to write about two good memories, so I'm squeezing my mind to get what I want and work this article out.

First Memory: Kiss The Girl

As if you may have noticed -because I'm not that good with the language- my native language is not English, but Spanish -I'm from Argentina in case you are wondering-. When I was little, I didn't use to listen to songs sung in English because I wasn't old enough to use the computer and because my parents know nothing about the language. When I was 7, I was introduced to 'The Little Mermaid's song "Kiss The Girl" sung by Ashley Tisdale. Since then, I decided I wanted to learn English, and here I am, posting weird articles in English.

disney, little mermaid, and the little mermaid image
Percussion, strings, winds, words.

Second Memory: Singing

Ever since I was able to I sang, and I keep doing it since it's great for my mental health. When I was in kindergarten my mom used to record me singing the songs I learnt there. I was singing Caracol -snail in English- on my first tape. Since then I sang everywhere, even though I was never sent to learn a proper technique until I was 16 years old.

happy, music, and sing image

The best thing about it is that everyone seems to enjoy what I do, and that makes me even happier, if not the happiest.

That's it, people.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for your support, you're the best.