DAY 2: ... Something that someone told about you, and never forgot it ...

_---- I hope you enjoy the article and give it to it a heart! remember you can follow me, I have beautiful collections where you can find inspiration!! ..._well, there're 3 positive things that someboby told me once:

1. " You have nice butt " : ok, I have 99 problems but at least my butt isn't ONE!! Haha. So many boys told me this in a good / manner waaay.

quotes and inspiration image
I have been a "nice butt" girl all my life.

2. " You must be therapist " : After told good advices to couples, friends & "strangers" they realize I can monetize my empathy...

reiki therapist wimborne image
Image by novel

3.*" You're unique and rare" :* "Unique & different". Before "Suicide Squad" movie were in cinemas, I was know for being myself n' fearless.

fearless, goals, and stay strong image
Confidence is all.
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Use your gifts, proud of yourself!!!