Hi mom. Hi dad. I'm not happy. i'm not even close to it. you guys gave me everything and more in life and i so badly want to do the exact same thing. i want to give you guys everything. a vacation house, a luxury car, take you guys shopping, ship you guys off to a European cruise. i want to give you the retirement you deserve, but i don't know if i can do it. i don't know if i'm capable of it right now. you guys are the reason behind everything i do. you guys are my home. you guys are more than my everything. and i feel defeated right now. i feel like i don't work hard enough; i feel like I've accomplished so little; i feel like you guys deserve a better daughter than me. i'm trying really hard to be okay these days, and i obviously don't or can't show you my true feelings because i know you guys won't understand. but what i'm trying to do is better myself and be okay, not just for me but for you guys, my parents. i'm so fortunate and blessed to have you guys as my parents, so thank you. but i need to do this for me. i need to live my life my way, where i'm not in constant heartbreak. and not the kind of heart break with a boyfriend. this heart break is within myself. i created it and i need to fix it. i love you, guys and thank you