I need you to get out of this mindset and refocus. I need you take care of yourself because no one else will. start thinking about you more and what makes you happy. stop comparing, judging and being so hard on yourself. you are your worst enemy. no one is perfect and we are all humans. i know you want nothing else in this world to be the perfect daughter, friend, employee. but perfect is just a word, nothing more. you've accomplished more than you think and i know you think its not enough but you got time.i know the reason you do everything is because of your family but you'll eventually give them everything. and your friends, my gosh, share the pain you are feeling with them, if you cant share it with your family. ultimately, just try; just try to stop overthinking, over analyzing, hiding, being scared, and perfect. i know you are always left alone with your thoughts and well, your thoughts fucking suck because they doubt you and undermine you but change that. let it all go; don't let that stress get to you. and whatever is meant to be will be. you are not God. you cannot control every single thing in this world, so let it fucking go. i know you try to hard to be a good person, i know and it breaks my heart seeing you kill yourself for nothing. take it easy. i want you to take long breaths in and out; i want you to go through your camera roll and reminisce memories; i want you to shop online and make yourself feel a little bit better; i want you to travel; i want you to love with your heart; i want you to be happy, so lets try.