so hello everyone!

i've decided to partake in weheartit's article feature for the first time and what better way to start it off than to allow you all to know more about me!

#thisismechallenge, enjoy! —


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my name's michelle, 15. i'm part chinese and vietnamese, i currently live in ontario, canada!


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my style varies depending on the occasion, but on a regular day i'm usually in a top or hoodie with a jacket and (ripped) skinny jeans paired with comfortable running shoes.


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i tend to love many types of foods especially small, cute desserts and drinks such as mochi, dorayaki, milk + bubble tea. other foods i tend to love to eat include fried salmon, sushi, salads, rice with bbq duck or pork, and more.

passions and hobbies

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i have many passions and hobbies which include discovering new types of foods and drinks, travelling, hanging out with friends, and i have a huge soft spot for animals. others include photography, editing, singing, dancing, sports (volleyball + track and field), etc.


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currently, i'd say the music i listen to isn't a large genre diversity. i'm mainly focused on kpop and i listen to artists such as bts, exo, red velvet, stray kids, blackpink, etc.


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i'm quite shy when only just meeting someone, but once we've become close, i'll definitely open up to you! i'm usually tagged as kind hearted, outgoing, trustworthy, and loyal.

and i guess that's it!

i'm planning on possibly writing up a part two to this challenge for some more in depth facts since this one was more generic.

i hope you all enjoyed reading! please feel free to message me article ideas you'd like to see!

love, michelle

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