Teens today are perpetually stressed, by the time im 30 im gonna have the face of a 60 year old.

Im stressed.
Your stressed.
Everybodys fucking stressed.

And why you ask are we ALWAYS stressed ?

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If your not stressed you aren’t working hard enough, the slogan of todays society.
If you aren’t depressed and anxious, you arent working hard enough.

We get things handed to us you say?

What about the right to love whoever we want to love?
Was that just handed to us ?

What about equal fucking rights ?
Has that or will that ever be handed to us ?

Fuck No it wont !

In todays society we work ourselves to literal death.
Can you guess how many people commit suicide per day ?

Fucking 100 and 23 people a day.

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Ill be damned if i let my children grow up in a future where suicide is normalised and equal pay isnt.

Ill be damned if i let anyone try to tell me that our generation isnt capable or that we dont work hard enough.

Im sorry but i cant, i wont let this be my future.

How can we stop this?

Let go of those expectations, let go of self doubt and self hate. Dont let that stress consume you. Let it empower you!
We are the next generation, we are capable of fucking anything!

Believe in yourself,
Dont let society set the norms,
Fuck ‘em.

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