Growing up we all get that question "what do you want to be when your older?" and you probably answered a veterinarian...don't lie you know i'm right. And from the age of 5 to 11 that was my biggest dream and what I appositely wanted to do but now i'm not so sure and that's kinda scary especially because next school year i'll be a junior and that about the time you need to really think about that question your always asked as kid.

I want to work in law enforcement
I don't know why I want to do this considering I have very bad anxiety and police officers have to face many scary things but for some reason it has always interested me. If that doesn't work out it's still a dream of my to be in this type of work so maybe a crime scene investigator

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idk I thought it was funny

-Live Somewhere Else
California, New York, or England doesn't really matter to be. How long I live there wither it's a year,ten or all my life I don't care, honestly a few months would make me happy.

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-Own a Shiba Inu
look how cute they are!!!

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-Go to Disney World
I've never been there...yep I know it's sad.

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-Go to College
Probably the biggest dream off them all because it would truly be a dream come true if any university accepts me lol.