Hello there! This is my first article and i want to clear up some things :p
I'm argentinian, so yeah, sorry for my grammar mistakes
Here are some tips on how to be happy... i really hope it helps you!

1. Stop Worrying About What Others Think
No one has the absolute thruth. Not even you, or your mom, or your neighbor, nobody. If you stop doing something just because what others think, you're dead in life.

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2. Stop Thinking About Money
Money will come only if you have a strategy. Create it, and money will come to you.

You can work on little stuff like in a café, work in a library or take care of dogs; easy works that can help you to prepare yourself for a serious one or just for start buying your own things.

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3. Failure Is Not The End Of The World
Because failing is humane. Scientists works like this, old generations worked like this, evolution works like this.
You just gotta' know you're not the only one. If you fall, get up and continue. If you lose everything, start again you know how to.

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4. Don't think about problems. Think about solutions
A problem is just how we name the situation.
Instead of calling it "problem" we can name it "challenge", it all will change.

"If you're part of the problem, you are part of the solution"

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5. Forget Perfection
Perfection is not real, neither nature is perfect.

"Nobody is perfect. Not even genius people. Not successful people, not famous people, not rich people."

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6. Be Grateful With The People Who Are By Your Side
Having them makes you who you are.
Thank them for their time, because they're giving it to you.. and time is the only thing that goes away and never comes back.

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7. Learn To Be Happy With What You Already Have
A stray dog can make you smile more than a new phone.
Make the list about what you'll take to an a desert island; for real, do it.
Everything in that list is what you really need. And it shouldn't exceed 10 things.

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And that was everything for this article :) i hope you've enjoyed it as much i would enjoy if this isn't a failure okno jk
XOXO Astronaut Girl