hi, heres a playlist of kpop songs that ive been loving in march☺

1. Instagram & D (Half Moon) by Dean

dean, gif, and music video image

2. Some & Fix Me by Bolbbalgan4

gif and bolbbalgan image

3. Outside by Crush

aesthetic, gif, and water image

4. Daydream by Jhope (BTS)

gif, bts, and jhope image

5. Bad Boy by Red Velvet

gif, joy, and kpop image

6. When I Saw You by Bumkey

gif, lee seung gi, and hwayugi image

7. Kiss Later Heart Attack & Eclipse by Loona

yves, loona, and gif image

8. Black Dress by CLC

gif and clc image

9. Signal by Twice

twice, kpop, and momo image

10. I Knew It by Sonamoo

gif image