old, huji, and hujicam image
Photo from https://www.instagram.com/p/BgUGIbClKPS/?taken-by=lindacrush

1. There are a lot of apps but I recommend Huji because it's free. Huji is an application that will allow you to have the film effect that you want. At times it will add grain to your photos, other times strokes of light (the light leaks, if you see what I'm talking about). I advise you to use it at night preferably with the flash.

2. Now that you have your picture, we go to edit. If you use VSCO, I recommend filters A5, A4, A7, HB1, S2. You make your settings brightness, contrast etc as you are used to. Afterlight also has very nice filters.

3. We will now add an old photo effect filter, and for that I use After Light, in the "dusty" category you choose the effect you want.

and TADAM ♡

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