hi angels! Today, I am back with a cute and sweet article, I know I lost a lot of angels. We were 325 angels but now...90 angels! Im so sad to made another account and lost all my last articles! But, im back, this is the important!

Today's article is going to be my night-night routine, I love to do some ''routine'' articles! So there is one, Let's started!

come back to school at 2:40pm!
- get out my uniform and take some comfortable clothes!
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take my supper/dinner W/my family!
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go on the shower!
- I love to take my shower early, then your night is litteraly free!

(I'll do an article about all my products of shower, skin, face and more)

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do my homework!
- this is the bad things! But we need to do it!
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make article and go on social media
- Follow me on all of them;

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and after all this stuff, I go to bed!
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of course, the bed of mike on stranger things, because I am NOT a big fan of stranger things!? am I? :)) -yessssss!
there is my stranger things collection! follow!

this is all for this article, hope you enjoyed!

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I think y'all love it! 78 hearts in just 1 day!


Luv y'all angels, see u soon in another article!

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