So.... Guys how are ya all??
I don't know why the hell I always use this "so"...anyways back to the story.

Today I want to discuss something serious even if you don't have time to read it or it's too long to read or it's too boring...
I have to get it out of my chest you know?

So there is one thing that i love about WHI in the first moment i saw this app. Because it bring the best from everyone. What i mean? You are down? You have WHI to inspire the hell out of you. You have lack of motivation, ideas, quotes or everything. WHI it's the right place to find everything you want and I want to thank the community for this, because this app has always been there when i needed it .
Now again out of marketing.

Why i really wanted to talk at this article was about suicide. You know even the title makes me mad (because of sadness).
I don't think that even the wealthiest person in the world has never thought about suicide as a way to get way from your problems. BUT ITS NOT A SOLUTION PEOPLE IT IS REALLY NOT!

You will say huh what may a person like you know what other people go through? I don't! I am not saying that i do!
But suicide is not a solution it does not get the pain way from you it passes it from one to other.

What do you expect people? Life to be a field with flowers? Even Earth has fields but it has mountains also and deeps. So you will feel like you are drowning and than like you are at the seventh sky and than back to the shit again.

But up to all what would life be with out all of this? HUH? Do you expect that everything be easy peasy? Nah man forget it! Family is giving you a hard time? Make them stop, make them understand. I don't think than any of our parents want us dead. For God's sake they are working day and night to give us a LIFE they may never had! And you want to punish them?

The society is giving you a hard time? So what let those morons do what they do best! Talk. There is a quote here where I come from, "the dog that barks all the time never bites".

Your boyfriend/girlfriend left you?! In hell he/she may also go! But you ain't fcking done there. You have a lot to give! A lot to say, a lot to show!

I feel like i talked to much seriously. I am not going to say sorry. Because i feel like world doesn't give the attention suicidal people need. I feel like we should do more.

I have so much to say. And i am so angry right now, i would probably type all night.

With love,
kh and dont forget you are stronger than you think you are

Remember suicide is a permanent solution for temporary problems