I think i mentioned this earlier in some post but, there are so many things i would want to improve in my life and myself. I guess it is normal for everyone to feel like that.

I even talked about this in the post "something i struggle with", but i will still repeat it since the area i would like to improve in my life is my confidence. I didn't give it that much importance back then in the days but now, i think it is something esential for someone to develope as a person.

I improved a lot compared to the past, i think everyone that knows me can agree with that in some way. I still have my ups and downs but it is unavoidable, we all are like that. But in all this time i learned to be a little bit more confident i could appreciate a huge change in the way i percieved myself and the world. i started caring less about how other saw me and started being happier.

That is why i hope i continue learning more about how to love myself and that way, become the person i want in the future, achieve everything i resolve and be happier.

There is still so much to learn, and i can't wait for the moment to come.