Day 10 - Your favorite Disney movie(s)

Wow, this won't be an easy one for me. I'm a next level Disney nerd, so I love all the movies with all my heart.. I even have the Disney-D tattoed on my finger and a planned Disney sleeve.

But if I had a gun to my head and HAD to choose for the sake of my survival, I think I would go with one of these three:

The Lion King

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It's such a beautiful movie in every way! Everything from music to animation is just pure perfection. I love that the movie in one minute make you cry from sadness, and in the next make you cry from laughter. It's the perfect mixture of drama and comedy.
Favorite character: Simba.

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Hunchback of Notre Dame

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This movie has such a beautiful message that's relevant until this very day, and I think that's the biggest reason I love it so much. Also the way they've managed to use the music to convey feelings really fascinates me. Unlike many of the other Disney movies, this one hasn't got that much "liberating humor". On the contrary, it's quite raw and atrocious. Which, in my opinion, helps convey the message.
Favorite character: Esmeralda (and Quasimodo because he's so precious and too kind for his own good).

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Alice In Wonderland

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All the mystery, goofy characters, crazy places and confusion really speaks to me in a way that I can't explain. It gets me high really, haha!

Favorite character: The Cheshire Cat

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