Hey guys!
I've seen this article floating around, as a lover of Fashion, Travel and Romance I could not resist! This is hypothetically my dream wedding.

A beautiful and romantic setting that lends itself to my fairy tale them. Possibly a beautiful woodland castle on a hill, or a secluded beach.

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Bridal Fashion:
A new, beautiful princess esque dress. Form fitting enough to show off my long legs and slim figure, but poofy enough to look royal. Beading and glitter would magically flow down the dress. My shoes would be glass and sparkly, my hair and makeup would also feature delicate silver sparkles. It would be glamorous and minimal as my accessories would be (Think Audrey or Coco).

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Groomsmen Fashion:

The groom would be clean shaven and fit. He would be dressed in a traditional, smart tuxedo that compliments our color scheme.

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Bridal Party:

It would be a big bridal party of our closest friends and most beloved family. The boys would be very masculine in sharp suits, the girls would look very feminine in dresses. Everything would be color coordinated and matched to a T. The girls would have matching robes and we'd have wild bachelor and bachelorette parties. We would all get ready together with a professional hair and makeup team.

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_The color scheme would be colder. Ideally pink, blue and silver. The wedding would be set at sunset into the night, indoor ceremony and probably an outdoor reception. Everything would be planned to the finest details for a very classy, romantic, fairy tale vibe.

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First two songs accompanied by montage of bride and groom's childhood photos and videos.

First Dance: All About Us By Owl City

Parent and Child Dance: Return To Pooh Corner By Kenny Loggins

Down The Aisle: Forever By Jesse and The Rippers

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Lots of options from both our favorite foods, open bar with a specialty drink in honor of the bride and the groom. Food cooked in front of everyone, includes appetizers, meals, deserts, side dishes and drinks.

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Miscellaneous Details:

Wedding will have a cute family blending tradition like planting a tree or releasing lanterns with wishes.

Horse and Carriage will take us to and from the wedding.

Honeymoon will be a week long stay in Disney's Alauni resort.

Giftbags for every guest will include wine and shirts.

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That is all for now, I hoped you enjoyed. What is your dream wedding? Let me know!