Hi,I'm Angel and this is my first post. So in the honor of that I will be listing out 15 Main Facts about me. Enjoy>>>

1. My Ethnicity: Black

Just thought I should put that out there!

2. I wear Glasses

aesthetic, canon, and cloud image braids, lipgloss, and makeup image glasses, harry potter, and hp image Temporarily removed
They are lifesavers!

3. I'm an April Girl

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Bday:April 1st (Yes,April Fools Day.)

4. Music=Life

music, magic, and quotes image Temporarily removed life, messenger, and mia image piano, music, and vintage image
The best medicine.

5. I'm a Dancer.

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You feel the rhythm move in you.

6.I'm Socially Awkward

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But I'm trying--

7. I'm a Christian

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He is the way and truth.

8. TV Shows are "bae"

In love with this two right now!

9. I Love Books

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"Ever read the"- Yes.

10. I Get Really Creative

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It's what I do.

11. I Daydream a lot.

Dream and light image
all that a stranger would see
Is one girl swaying alone
Stroking her cheek
-Liability (Lorde)

12. I'm in love with Scenery

Just take in the pretty things.

13. I Love Singing

The best way to express.

14. I have been travelling since I was Two

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But I still have some places on my wishlist.

15. I'm African.

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Culture is something I would never give up.

We conclude here,expect me soon. Bye😄