Do u ever just feel so trapped in your head, like there's no way to get out. And u feel so much, so intensely. There's no way to describe but these songs just make me feel so much


For emma- Bon Iver
( this song literally makes like your living in a movie)

Ad infinitum Pt.2 - telekinesis
( I once listened to this song in a coffee shop with the voices in the background and it was unreal)

Breathe - RHODES
( this song. this is honestly one of the most beautiful songs in the world. i like to call it my forest song)

wash- Bon Iver
( wash has always been that one song u just turn on and immediately start crying for me)

Fingertips- OneRepublic
( this song gets me so emotional i cant.)

Your soul- RHODES
( yet again a beautiful song by rhodes. This guy is insane)

Smother- Daughter
( this song says " they will all agree that i'm a suffocator" and man i relate. its an insane song)

Roslyn- Bon Iver
(LADIES AND GENTS i have saved the best for last. i cant please just listen to this song.)