This is an easy one, finally. I was waiting for this moment to come. This is my moment to shine (not really).

Actually, I am excited about many things, some of them are in the far future like finishing university, moving to Korea, do a master there and find a job. At the same time, I want to remain in university with my friends and have more many good and unforgettable times with them, but I know that we will have more opportunities in the future. Other things I am excited about are not that far like, for example, going to my hometown to see my family and friends and have a rest from classes.

However, the thing I am the most excited and worried at the same time is going to Korea this summer. I got a scholarship to spend a month helping as a language assistant for university students who are learning Spanish, so I am really excited as I love Korean food and culture and the most important, because I am learning the language and I have this opportunity to go and improve what I already know, gain confidence and learn many new things.

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But I am also worried, of course, because I will be 10.000 km away from home, which is not a joke, in a country with a complete different culture and language. Even if I already know a lot I feel like living there, even if it is only for a month, will be much harder than we all imagine. In addition, I will be teaching people who have no idea of Spanish, and probably English too, so I will have to say everything I want in Korean. I still don’t know how I will survive to that…

Still, I think this will be a great experience. First, because I will be going with all of my friends so I know for sure that I will not have a chance to be bored. Second, because I will learn a lot, at the same time I enjoy eating all of that good food and have fun. And third, because it will be good for my curriculum lol.

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I think this is the first time i write so little lmao but honestly, i am so tired these days and i keep being lateeee so, i will try to make it as brief as possible.

Thank you for reading!