I love the GONE book series and have seen no content of it on this website. If you haven't read these books yet I highly encourage you to try them. This is spoiler free and some of the aesthetics you will get after you read them. I hope you enjoy!


amazing, beautiful, and blond image sea, boy, and ocean image aesthetic, beam, and hands image Image by hirari
strong, leader, responsiblitiy


book, cigarette, and aesthetic image Image by Jen dog and animal image aesthetic, hands, and couple image
fierce, cold, independent


girl and beautiful image child, kids, and vintage image book, library, and reading image Temporarily removed
intelligent, hypocrite, resilient


Temporarily removed pregnant and baby image amazing, awesome, and beautifull image Temporarily removed
sarcastic, broken, compassionate


boy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
ambitious, cunning, impatient


boy, handsome, and man image water image man and water image rocks, sea, and sunset image
strong, dependable, good


Image removed Temporarily removed Image removed outfit and rainbow image
serious, tough, wholehearted


Temporarily removed aesthetic and school bus image Temporarily removed boy, art, and aesthetic image
mature, control, soldier


Image removed mama kids sweet image dark, grey, and retro image Abusive image
kind, advocate, unstable

the FAYZ

hope image nature and water image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed cave, nature, and photography image Temporarily removed

sorry I didn't do Brianna it was an incruitating process finding any images that resembled or represented the characters I was looking for and I could not find super speedy ones. if this does good I might make a part two :)

thank you so much for reading!