I search for different tags here and on the web, but I don't find an Inuyasha one, so I created one of my thoughts. I don't now if anyone will like this one, but I hope you will like it and if you wanna do it, just leave me a message or just add my username to your article. But now, let's begin this lovely thing.
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1. Who's your favorite female character?

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2. Who's your favorite male character?

I just can't really choose...
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3. Inuyasha or Sesshoumaru?

Haha, but how cute.
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4. Who's your favorite couple?

I want to see Kagome with Koga, but I know Inuyasha is her true love. Anyways...
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5. Who's your least favorite couple?

Don't kill me please, but I don't really like her...
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6. Inuyasha or Koga?

Don't kill me again, but I'm a Koga fan...
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7. What is your favorite episode?

I think that's a harder question, but after I watched the whole anime, I think it's the ending. Like OMG, finally they become a couple. Oh, sorry, not just a couple, they get married! (cry as a fangirl)
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8. Who's your favorite member of the Shinchinintai/Band of Seven?

I liked Bankotsu the best of the seven mercenarys.
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9. What's your favorite quote?

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These two are the best from the anime.

10. What's your favorite movie?

I saw all movies and I loved them all. But I need to choose, so I choose my first favorite, what's...
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Also, this is The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass.

11. Tessaiga or Tenseiga?

Tessaiga is the best! Sorry Sesshoumaru...
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12. Shippou or Kirara?

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13. Do you wanna live in this universe?

Of course! What stupid question is this? oh, right, I found out it. Haha...
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14. And for last, with who do you wanna meet at first?

Koga, my only wolfie boy. Once I imagine it, what would happen if Kagome met at first with Koga, not with Inu. I wanna meet Koga, so everyone who wants Inuyasha, he's free.
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So, this was this hella locely article about an other tag. I hope you really liked it, and if you did it, just smash that heart button or leave a reaction. And if you wanna say something, just message me anything you want.
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