Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to my article ! I will be sharing my tips on how to learn new foreign languages. These are strategies that work the best for me when it comes to learning another language.

Before we begin, here's some background information. I'm bilingual which as many of you know means, I speak two languages fluently. I'm fluent in English and Cantonese! English is actually my second language and i've been learning it since I was little so I don't remember the steps it took however, I'm currently studying French as part of my GCSE's ( 2/3 years of work leading up to a huge exam - GCSE - that determines your academic future ).

I've also learnt Spanish and German last year as it was compulsory but I dropped both subjects... however, I still know the basics of the language.

Enough of that, here's my tips on learning new languages!

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I was never a fan of flashcards until I realised how much it helped me with my learning and studying. With flashcards you can't cheat the system (if you get what i mean) because you either get it right or wrong. There's no 'maybe that answer's acceptable'.
With languages I like to write down vocabulary on a flash card. For me, one side would have the french word and the other side would have the english word. Another useful way of making flashcards is drawing a simple picture of the object or place you need to learn.
For example,
[ FRENCH ] - "une jupe" = "a skirt" but instead of writing "a skirt" you draw a photo of a skirt on the other side.
[ SPANISH ] - "habló" = "I speak" instead of writing the english you can draw a picture of someone speaking or a mouth.
[ GERMAN ] - "Übungsheft" = "exercise book" so you can draw an exercise book.
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Whilst you're doing your language homework, whisper or say what you're writing out loud. I tend to half whisper/ mouth the french words I'm writing down. This way you'll be getting pronunciation practice as well as writing it and spelling the word. You can also say it in your head if you're in a public place.
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Practicing with friends are already so much funner than doing it by yourself. However, there are other benefits with speaking to your friends in the foreign language together. One main one is that you're building up each other's knowledge as well as your own. You can also practise talking in the language with a native speaker. It'll help you spot mispronunciations etc.
I have a friend who lives in France and is french but also speaks english. Sometime i send my essays I've written to her to see if I've made any unnoticed grammar errors or if something doesn't make sense.
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Listening to native speakers will help with your learning. I like to watch french youtubers who speak french. Although i don't understand 100% of what they're saying, there are many times where I recognise a word or phrase. If the video has sub titles then even better! It also allows you to learn new words and get used to hearing the language being spoken fluently without hesitation.
You can also record yourself speaking the language and play it back to spot any mispronunciation. You can also listen to music that's in the language you're studying as you can learn new vocabulary and spot reoccurring common words.
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There are a load of free language apps that you can download with no extra cost. It'll allow you to learn a language for free and they normally have classes or sessions you can take on your phone to improve your knowledge on that specific language.
One really good language app is Duolingo, it has a lot of languages you can learn. My school uses Linguascope which has activities for you to do however it require payment , I would also suggest seeing if your school has any language websites they're subscribed to and use them.
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Ce sont tous mes conseils sur l'apprentissage des langues. Gracias por leer mi artículo y voy a publicar un nuevo artículo el sábado. Sende deine Reaktionen ... danke!

^ These are all my tips on learning languages. Thanks for reading my article and I will post a new article on Saturday. Send in your reactions ... Thank you!

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