"Make a list of five things that make you happy"


riverdale, vanessa morgan, and madelaine petsch image friends, grunge, and tumblr image riverdale, cole sprouse, and kj apa image riverdale, cole sprouse, and madelaine petsch image
I love going out with my friends, because they are those who listen me, talk to me and laugh whit me. I love them so so much. They are the best ♥


cole sprouse, riverdale, and lili reinhart image teen wolf, tyler posey, and dylan o'brien image the vampire diaries, tvd, and elena image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and gaten matarazzo image
I watch TV shows everyday. What I am doing when it ends? I find another one. It makes me feel relaxed. And it can make me happy definitely, but also it can make me sad.


halsey, demon, and Lyrics image alternative, badlands, and gasoline image alternative, flowers, and pink image Temporarily removed
Yeah, if you listen Halsey, you can tell that all these images is her lyrics. I love her songs and she is my favorite artist. When I listen to her music my mood lift immediately.


black, road, and sky image quote and alternative image favorite, night, and love image travel, adventure, and bridge image
Long walks are the best. Every time when I am feeling a little sad, I go outside and walk walk walk. Mostly, when I go out I get home 5-6 hours later and I am feeling fantastic, especially if I meet my friends.


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I love reading books. I always read them when I have time. They also can lift my mood. So buy me book and I can be happy until I read it ;)

So thats all, hope you enjoy it ;)))