Hi, my name is Anne and this is going to be my first article. So this will be a very simple one - you all know these "my name in colours" stuff. I kinda really like these ones so I decided to do my own. Let me know if you like it or not, so I can improve my coming articles :)

A like Amethyst

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I really like amethysts. They kinda calm me down just by looking at them. I don't know anything about meanings of stones or colours but I believe that purple is a very relaxing colour.

N like Navy Blue

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One of my favourite colours is navy blue. I love the cold and "aggressive" sea and night skies. If the sky wouldn't get darker, how should we see the stars?

N like Neon Green

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I have to say that neon colours aren't my very favourite ones. But when I was looking for neon green I discovered the aesthetically pleasing side of mine. It gives me those "city vibes" like being in an mysthic club or an retro bar. Love it.

E like Emerald

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Last but not least - emerald. I ALWAYS wanted a sweater in this colour but I haven't found one yet. This colour reminds me of the woods in sweden and norway. It has an dusty vibe to it which I really like. But it still isn't "sad". It's very natural.

I hope you liked my very first article. Let me know where I can get a sweater in emerald and what to improve.
With that being said - enjoy the rest of your week :)

Greetings from germany๐Ÿ’