Yay! Claire is making a blog! (actually I feel like kind of a loser for this but whatever).

Reasons I'm making blogs:
- I'm way to bored with homework
- Actually could be good for my mental health
- I have a lot to say and almost never talk about it

So yeah, let's begin.

My Name is Claire, I'm 16 years old, I'm a bisexual kid (more attracted to women but still, bi and no, I'm not escalating) which is weird to hear 'cause I'm really not into actually having relationships but if you catch me, you catch me. I make way too much self-deprecating jokes but hey, at least I laugh at myself a little. I can be pretty mean sometimes and even if I am aware of that I could be even meaner and I'm pretty energetic even when I'm really tired, plus I have a crush and she knows this account... Hi, I know you know who you are so if you see something of this, have in mind I already thought of that.

Also, I'm a senior and... idk, I like to draw.

ye, that's basicaly me.

I won't be posting everyday, just when I have something interesting, and I have the energy to write it.