1. My Family

I live with my Mum, Dad and younger sister. I am very lucky to still have three of my four grandparents alive including my 92-year-old Granny. I have several Aunts and Uncles who I am close to, and I want my family to be as strong as my Mums family when I am old.
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2. My education

I am very lucky as I was given the chance to spend the final two years of my compulsory education, which arguably are the most important years of my education, at a private school. I am having an amazing time at this school and I couldn't be more thankful that I get more opportunities to pursue my dreams. In 18 months time, I begin university...Yeah, I love school.
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3. My Dog

My family had a wonderful addition on September 23rd 2011...a ten week old black cocker spaniel. We named him Charlie. I love him to bits, he still has a baby face and he's staring at me right now as I'm typing because I'm eating something. I am so happy that we got Charlie, and he arrived 2 days after my 11th birthday...so best present ever!
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4. My friends

So this time last year I was at a different school and I was bullied. However, I now have some of the most wonderful friends ever who I love so much.
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5. My opportunities in music

So I play the cello, and have been able to take part in two wonderful orchestras, as well as the one and only School String Ensemble. Being in these orchestras have allowed me to play in symphony halls, the Royal Albert Hall in London and I will soon be going to Italy with my orchestra to play! My school has a music school and I have met some of the best people there, and I am applying to become the first girl from my school ever to become a prefect at the school! Wish me luck!
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6. The invention of chocolate.

Whoever invented chocolate is a legend in my eyes. Enough said.
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7. Gluten Free food

I have ceoliac disease so I have to eat gluten-free, or I am at risk of infertility and cancer. So I am very grateful that supermarkets and restaurants are starting to make gluten-free options more accessible, as it makes my life so much easier.
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