Celebrity crushes, there are so many. I bet you can't top these three guys you will instantly fall in love with.

3: Ian Somerhalden

damon, damon salvatore, and ian somerhalder image

Commonly known as Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries, he is number three in my list. I'm not a fan of romantic movies, it doesn't matter how many vampires and werewolves and witches a series has. I did watch the first season or two, because I was so deeply and intensely in love with the character of Damon Salvatore. I generally have a weakness for cynical, dark characters with a dark sense of humour. The reason he's number three and not number 1 is, that when he fell in love with Elena, the main character, the whole series and especially his character - who was the only reason for me to watch that horribly plotted series in the first place - was just crushed. They completely reinvented the character. His way of speaking stayed the same but the essence was gone.

gif, the vampire diaries, and damon salvatore image
gif, the vampire diaries, and damon salvatore image

Ian Somerhalden has a really nice physique and is engaged in several charity organisations, such as Deepwater Horizon and St. Tammany Humane Society.

2: Cole Sprouse

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Cole Sprouse, better known as Jughead Jones, from Riverdale, or Cody, from Dylan and Cody. There is not much to say to him other than I really love the way he treats his fans and I think he's a really talented - and good looking - actor. I loved him as a child, I love his aesthetic now... It's really one of my favourites.

1: Oliver Sykes

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Love of my life, husBAND, memories from my emo-times, small reminder from my dark past... This, ladies and gentlemen, is Oliver Sykes, lead singer from Bring Me The Horizon. Sadly, a lot of time has passed since the last album (that's the spirit) came out - and I'm craving new music!
Sadly, in an interview with AP, he said the new album - which is coming soon! - was influenced partly by Twenty One Pilots. As much recognition for TOP that I admit, they're not my type of music. I love the whole message and inspiration and positivity they're spreading, but Twenty One Pilots songs just give me a headache. I do admit they're talented, nevertheless I'd prefer some "real" BMTH, whatever that is.

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