Humanity's asking this question since the beginning of time. Will our species die out one day? Why and when will it happen?

I'm pretty sure we will die out one day. And to be honest I think it will be our own fault.
The world is such a beautiful planet and we are destroying it.

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About 14 billion years ago the Big Bang created the earth.
Humanity developed about 300.000 years ago. In this short period we ruined the earth.

And instead of helping each other to survive, we're killing each other, we're killing our environment and we're killing other species.

We're judging each other by the color of our skin. We're hating each other beacause of money, wealth and success.

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We're fighting in wars wich our governtment started and we don't trust each other because of the lies they're telling us.

Whole generations are growing up in fear. The fear of getting killed or losing family and friends.
But also the fear of failure and the thought of disappointing others, destroys us.

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We need to wake up before it's too late. We need to focus on saving the planet in order to survive. We need to focus on accepting each other in order to save each other.

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