Hi, I'm Lili again and now I'm back again with an article which is a TAG! It's the first tag in my page and I hope you want to know some informations for me, so now I'm doing you the ABC Tag, what I see this article 👇

So if you want to know me some thing, just stay with me and read my article 😉

♦︎ A-Age: 15

hi, much happy, and people image

♦︎ B-Best Movie: I don't know, maybe the Transcendence by Johnny Depp

johnny depp, poster, and movie image johnny depp image

♦︎ C-Current Time: 8.30 pm

♦︎ D-Drink you last had: coffee

coffee and cup image blue, coffee, and quotes image

♦︎ E-Everyday starts with: a coffee

cafe, cappuccino, and coffee image coffee, quotes, and more image

♦︎ F-Favourite song: Recovery by James Arthur

black and white, perfection, and recovery image background, beautiful, and black image

♦︎ G-Grossest Memory: maybe, I haven't got

♦︎ H-Height: 1,58m

♦︎ I-In love with: James Arthur, Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl, writing, music

canada, interview, and sony music image ed westwick, gossip girl, and chuck bass image gossip girl, chocolate, and food image ideas, pale, and pink image

♦︎ J-Jealous of: i'm not jealous for anything...

♦︎ K-Killed someone: nope...

black, blood, and dark image

♦︎ L-Last time i cried: I don't know

cry, quote, and quotes image eye, eyes, and tears image

♦︎ M-Middle name: I haven't got

♦︎ N-Number of siblings: 1

♦︎ O-One wish: I want to meet with Johnny Depp

johnnydepp and johnny depp image captain jack sparrow, jack sparrow, and johnny depp image

♦︎ P-Person you last texted/called: a classmate and my mum

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♦︎ Q-Question you always asked: "What will be the lunch?"

breakfast, delicious, and yum image food, pizza, and lunch image

♦︎ R-Reason to be happy: music, writing

album, love, and Best image planner image

♦︎ S-Song you last sang: Impossible by James Arthur

Image by little pink curly girl Image by Arjona

♦︎ T-Time you woke up: 5.30 am

♦︎ U-Underwear color: black, gray, white

♦︎ V-Vacation place: I wanna go to New York and Los Angeles

city, sky, and sunset image amazing, beautiful, and los angeles image

♦︎ X-X-Rays you've had: my back

♦︎ Y-You're favourite food: I don't know...

♦︎ Z-Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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