Hey lovelies! ♡

I know, I know, I have been super unactive lately and I apologize for not responding to messages and stuff, I was a bit busy. But anyways, I kind of want to become active again and I felt like I should not just start hearting things again but end this little hiatus with an article. So I thought about what I should write and I've come to the conclusion that I should simply write about what is on my mind right now because that's the idea of writing something that you post on the internet right? Well, I figured that because I've been really stressed and down because of school and a few other things I could share a bit of what I do if I feel bad. Maybe you can copy the things or make screenshots (or leave a heart, hehe) so you can quickly find something to cheer yourself up when you need it! :)

So yeah, here it is, a list of some of the things I do (and things I found on the internet and that I have been told by friends) that you can do to make you feel better when you don't feel good!

(Some are there multiple times & I split it up in a few categories so it's a bit more structured)

Sadness / Emptyness

  • paint something (or draw on yourself)
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  • re-read one of your favorite books
  • go for a walk/jog/bike ride (fresh air is healing!!)
  • tidy/decorate your room
  • make yourself a warm cup of tea
  • write some lists (favorite things/top 10/bucketlists)
  • go shopping
  • play an instrument
  • try meditation
  • read
  • dance
  • write a song
  • watch your favorite movie/series
  • scream/beat into a pillow
  • make a happy playlist and then listen to it
  • try out hairstyles
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  • make funny faces in the mirror
  • go on tumblr/weheartit/any kind of website that isn't triggering that you like
  • listen to music really loud
  • take a nap
  • talk to someone!!!
  • drum in the air
  • write down how you feel
  • create mixtapes
  • (print out and) paint in a mandala
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  • discover new music
  • watch the stars and look for constellations
  • buy new books
  • bake/cook something
  • do some photography
  • jam to your favorite song and sing along as loud as you can
  • try out new snapchat/instagram lenses
  • do your nails
  • cuddle a stuffed animal/pillow
  • play a fun computer game you enjoy (preferably something non-violent)
  • watch some music videos
  • take a nice hot shower/bubble bath
  • watch funny youtube videos


  • do grounding techniques
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  • try meditation
  • take a nap
  • go for a walk outside
  • make yourself confortable in your bed/on your couch and watch a movie or series you love
  • try to write down what is on your mind
  • talk to someone
  • watch relaxing gifs/videos
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  • open up a window, try to get as much fresh air as possible if you are not outside
  • drink water
  • try to sit down with both of your feet on the ground and try to breathe in a particular way; inhale for 4 seconds - hold your breath for 7 seconds - exhale for 8 seconds
  • listen to relaxing sounds like rain or waves


  • make a playlist with songs that make you feel understood with your anger and then listen to it
  • beat of scream into a pillow
  • write down or make lists of the things that make you angry in this moment and try to find solutions how to cope with them
  • do some physical activity like riding the bike, go for a run or exercising
  • draw/paint

Useful resources

www.7cups.com This is an incredibly helpful website, that you can use as a guest, member or listener where you can either talk to trained active listeners about your problems, basically whatever is on your mind or you can do courses to become a listener and listen to the guest's or member's problems. You should definitely give it a try whenever you feel like you need to talk to someone but feel like there is nobody. There is always someone that cares about you.

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines A list of worldwide suicide crisis lines.

www.suicide.org/international-suicide-hotlines.html Another list of suicide hotlines for each country.

philome.la/jace_harr/you-feel-like-shit-an-interactive-self-care-guide/play This is a webpage with an interactive self-care guide to help you get up again when you feel really low.

If you have any ideas for helpful additions for this article, don't hesitate with sending me a message! :)

I hope this article could have helped you in any way, if you want to talk to me, you can always send me a direct message and I'll be happy to listen to you! You're never alone. ☀

Much love,

- Ani ♡

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